Sunday, December 18, 2011

Random Christmas Memories

Silver aluminum trees with the revolving color wheel light that shined on them to change the colors.

Riding around after dark just to see the Christmas lights.  The link below goes to the big light show in the town where I grew up.   We always had to ride by that one several times during the season.  Of course, there was always a small traffic jam to see them. 

                    Forest Park Christmas Lights

Opening that one gift on Christmas Eve - - - the pajamas!  (You had to look good Christmas morning for those pictures!)

Always had an apple, an orange and pecans in the bottom of my stocking.  (Depression era leftover from my Mom.  She said their Christmas gifts had to fit in their sock that they hung up, and they always got an apple, and orange and nuts.  Can you imagine trying to fit a child's Christmas gifts in their stocking these days?)

Those fat lights on the Christmas tree. They had little clips on the back so you could clip them to the tree. 

Silver icicles on the tree.

Bubble lights. 

Candy canes on the tree.  (What do you do with those things after Christmas anyway?)

Home made fruit cake soaked in Mogen David wine in a tin for a couple of weeks.  (It was pretty gross but my Mom liked it.  Wonder why?)


Strawberry congealed salad.  (Good stuff!)

Christmas cards taped across the mantle.

The same Christmas stocking hung every year.  Red with the white cuff and my name written in glitter. 

Family and friends coming together in fellowship and love.  May you all have a wonderful Christmas holiday with your family and friends this year.  Remember the reason for the season.  Love one another always.  Merry Christmas to all!

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  1. Dennis and I were talking earlier about what a wonderful thing it was to pile into the car and make an evening of it going to see all the Christmas lights in Forest Park! Of course the Embrey's house was the ultimate to us! I remember placing icicles on the tree oh-so-carefully too....and the token one-gift-to-open happened at our house too! And of course it was Christmas pajamas ~ Mama ended up turning our stockings into a toiletries replenishing station....I always loved your Mama's strawberry congealed salad it was one of my favorites!!!! One thing I always remember and dad always made sure our Christmas was wonderful, no matter what the sacrifice! I hope you all have a great Christmas sweet Beth, love you, Dawn